Founded in 2011, Matoa has represented innovation to improve the product line-up. After 6 years journey, we make a new breakthrough. We take one step ahead in terms of service by providing something more. We will improve the better service to our customers by updating some elements of our time teller. Those elements are features we expand upon in our past and future collections.

Seiko Movement

Seiko movement has more secure construction with high quality, so it more durable than a mechanical watch. Because the low number of moving parts and the presence of a battery ensure,

the quartz watches are lower maintenance. The presence of seiko movement also ensuring superior accuracy on its mechanism and do not require human intervention to keep ticking.

K1 Glass

This addition will increase the enhanced durability on our timepieces as stracth resistant, anti fingerprint and shatterproof. This feature also makes a clear view and protected against splashes, rain and water exposure during hand washing.

Polished Brass Spacer

This addition will increase the resilience of corrosion for a longer usage periods.

Sandblasted Matte
Gold Hand

Ushering in a new era of needle design, Matoa upgraded it with sandblasted matte gold hand. A focus on its detail can make a refined minimalist timepiece and on elegant look in every point of view.