Order & Shipping

Order and Shipping System

Courier services used for our shipment are as follow:
Domestic: POS Indonesia (www.posindonesia.co.id) and JNE (www.jne.co.id)
International : Fedex (www.fedex.com) & EMS POS Indonesia (ems.posindonesia.co.id)

After payment is received and confirmed, the goods will be shipped * 3-5 working days after payment. We use an Express service on J&T which allows delivery to arrive within one working day, except for some cities where the courier service is not available, then we will use a regular service. The estimated time for delivery by courier services is 1-5 working days. Delivery time will adjust to the distance from the destination city from Bandung.

* Estimated delivery times are subject to change, further information will be provided during the purchase process for Matoa Indonesia products.

International shipments will be made 3-5 working days after payment is confirmed. The estimated delivery time of courier services is 7-14 working days, depending on the country of destination from the Indonesian delivery location.

When placing an order for your Matoa product, please consider the day of delivery. Product delivery is only made from Monday – Saturday. If payment confirmation is received on a holiday, delivery will be made on the next working day.

Please add an extra 1 day after confirming the payment, because we will check the payment, control the quality of the goods you ordered, and do product packaging before we send it the next day. If possible, we will send the Matoa product immediately after we have checked your transaction.

We will send the ordered product after the payment transaction process is declared successful.

* Please note: We are unable to send the product if there is a problem regarding payment.

You will receive a confirmation email after your order has been shipped along with the delivery receipt number (AWB).