How to Care

Easy Steps to Care for Your MATOA Watch

MATOA is the pioneer brand of wooden watch in Indonesia which has been made not only to complement your appearance, but also has a functional value and authentic design for the holder. We know you want MATOA to be last as soon as you put it on your wrist. So here are a few steps to care for it.

No Wood Polish is Needed

Unlike wooden furniture, MATOA doesn’t require any particular wood polish to emphasize the richness of brown woods. You can use olive oil (for massage) to clean your timepiece as seen on the video.

Don’t Store Your MATOA In a Moist Place

Basically, the color of the wood will turn darker. For that reason, in order to keep its original color, please do not store it in a humid place. When not in use, store your timepiece safely with the strap straightened.

Wear Your MATOA as Often as Possible

By wearing MATOA every day, you’ll make your own MATOA more comfortable to use. Plus the pattern and the wood on your MATOA will be more mature and have an exclusive look.

MATOA is Splash Proof

Do not use your MATOA while swimming or showering. But you shouldn’t be worried to wash your hand or get splashed with water as MATOA has splash proof technology.