Frequently Asked Question

Should you have any question regarding our service and products, or simply want to say hi to the team, please use the form below to reach us. We will serve you with our best favor. Get in touch with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Is the watch made of authentic wood ? If so, what kind of wood is it ?

Yes, we use fine wood as the main material. For the dark colours, we use Makassar ebony and Canadian maple for the bright ones.


Is MATOA watch safe for my skin ?

It is practically safe because it is covered by PU (Polyuretan) that makes MATOA watch anti termite and waterproof.


Are MATOA watches waterproof ?

To clarify, MATOA watches are splash proof so you should not be worried to wash your hand or get caught in the rain with your watch on. However we suggest you do not wear your MATOA while swimming or showering.


How many articles does MATOA have ?

We currently have 19 articles: Singo Maple, Singo Ebony, Way Kambas Mini Ebony, Way Kambas Mini Maple, Rakai Ebony, Rakai, Maple, Way Kambas Ebony, Way Kambas Maple, Tomia Ebony, Tomia Maple, Alor, Sunda, Mori, Kaili, Rote, Sumba, Flores, Gili, Moyo. Keep your eyes on our website as we have more to come soon!


How can I purchase it ?

You can directly come to our workshop or buy online via website and Instagram. Or else you may pay a visit to our stockists.


How long has MATOA been running ?

MATOA was first established in 2011. In these 5 years, we have been running MATOA to make advanced development.


Is there any guarantee ?

MATOA gives warranty for 1 year from the date of purchase through website, Customer Service and Stockist. This warranty covers manufacturing defects and damages caused by improper use. Just come by to our workshop to get it done.


Can my watch be customized with engrave on the back of the case ?

Sure you can! You will be charged IDR 50K for each watch.


Do you make a digital watch ?

We admire the simplicity of analog watch. Yet we probably will develop a digital frontier for the upcoming series nonetheless.


Is MATOA made for specific gender ?

Female or male, you name it. Every MATOA watch is perfectly suitable for both.


How can I adjust the strap ?

You can adjust it by using the corner of tiny paperclip and push the metal connector between the straps. Or you can go to a common watch service center (also accepts replacing new battery) but you have to supervise it thoroughly because wooden watch must be treated carefully.


Are MATOA watches fully handmade ?

MATOA watches are 70% handmade and 30% machine-made for perfection in every detail.